Primary Exit Profile Langauge Arts Practice.

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Identify the Part of Speech of the underlined words in the sentences.

1. The boy ran to school yesterday.

2.The girl has a red bag.

3. The race finished too quickly.

4. Their skit includes a rabbit and a cat.

5. Ms. Brown dresses fashionably but tactfully.

6.The mother of the kittens lives here.

7. I will see you after lunch.

8. The women`s meeting today.

9. She is very talented and extremely diligent.

10. Oh,my I had no idea.

Instructions: A word is highlighted (red) in each sentence below. One of the four meanings given beneath the sentence is the correct meanings for the word. Use the context clue to decide which one is correct.

11. Such a hard-working student will always do well in school and will also succeed in the working world.

12. We could not keep on searching in the dark as it was dangerous to be out in the dark.

13. I cannot afford to buy such an expensive gift.

14.We are so surprised by the news that we could not believe it for a while.

15. In this well-known beach resort you will see crowds of people everyday.

16. Brown said he did not feel comfortable in this unfriendly company.

17. If you desert Ryan now he will not be able to succeed with his plans.

18. Chris has always been a sensible person so I am not surprised that he has been such a success in life.

Figure of Speech

Simile: A Simile compare one thing to another using like or as.

Metaphor: A metaphor is when you compare too unlike things without using like or as.

Personification: Giving human qualities to a thing as if it was a person.

Choose the correct Figure of Speech use in these sentences.

19. As cool as cucumber.______

20. As flat as a pancake

21. He`s a little monkey.

22. He`s such a pig.

23. The hungry sea swallowed the little boat.

24. The sky is low, the clouds are mean.

Choose the correct punctuation marks for these sentences.

25.Where do you live __

26. Please play me a song on your Guitar__

27. Look out__

28. What a great movie that was___

29. The drum is a folk instrument____

30. My friend ask whether John will be at school for the week___

Identify the correct Spelling

Complete the sentences with the correct spellings.

31. The teacher informed the students of his______.

32. Ryan is always boasting about his ___________.

33. I took the _______________to the store and asked for a refund.

34. Our social studies teacher told us how important it is to protect the _______________________.

35. Children are generally _________ of lightning.

36. I have to go to the doctor on_____________.

37. He broke the clock by ___________.

38. He was very sad at the ____________but now he is happy.

39. The game was ________because of inclement weather.

40. Emergency workers entered the__________ building to save a family.

Choose the word opposite(Antonyms)in meaning to the word underlined.

41. The Science problem were difficult

42. She lives in a ancient

Homophones are words which sounds alike but have different meanings.

43. Last Friday Daddy took us to a __________ at the Mall.

44. I paid the taxi driver my_______________.

45. My mother bought me a new ___________of shoes.

46. We had to ________________letters to our friends.

Types of Sentences
There are four types of sentences


An Interrogative sentence asks for information. It ends with a question mark.

A statement is a sentence that gives information. It ends with a full stop.

A command is a sentence that gives an order or makes a request. It ends with a full stop.

An exclamatory sentence is said with a strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation.

Read the sentences and choose the correct answers that represent the type of sentences.

47. Where do you live _________

48. The name of my new text book is Interactive Language Arts Text._______

49. Look out________

50.The blackout lasted for several hours_______

51.Please open the window__________

52.Tomorrow will be the beginning of exams at my school__________

53.Write your name on that line__________

54. Get out of bed now__________

55. Are you sure that figure is an Octagon________

56.A force can be a pull a push or a twist________

57. In which of the following sentence is a/an used correctly.

58. Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?

59. Which of the following sentence is grammatically correct?

60. In which of the following is theapostrophe correctly used?

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