Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Short Answer Elementary Quiz

Mathematics Worded Problem Game for Elementary (PEP)Primary Exit Profile Students.

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  • Solve the following.

    (1) Take 508 from 3914.

    (2) What is the product of 725 and 12 ?.

    (3) What is the place value of the underlined digit 4,857,299?

    (4) Which units would we would use to measure a plot of land?

    (5)How much must be added to 650 metres to make 2 kilometres?

    (6)Stacy left school at 7.30 a.m. and arrived at work 45 minutes later. what time did she arrive at work?

    (7)Find the area of square with one side measuring 28 cm.

    (8)The lenght of a field is 45 m and the width is 36 m. What is the area?

    (9) {5,7,9,11,13} represents a set of________numbers ?

    (10) 0.01 x 1.5 = _____________