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PEP Social Studies Performance Task Test Practice 1


Our Caribbean Culture

The population of the Caribbean is describe as a melting pot- a term used to describe the integration or mixing of different races who came from Africa, Europe and Asia, with their religious languages, dress ,foods and customs to. develop a unique Caribbean culture. When we speak of culture, we include song dance, ceremonies , festivals , architecture , language ,dress food, poetry , religion art forms.

If the paragraph supports the statement belows choose suppport or If it does not support the statement below choose does not support.

(1)The population of the Caribbean has diffferent enthnic groups.

Does not support. Support

(2)Cars, schools and computers are part of Culture.

support Does not support

(3) Some cultural activities are songs, dance, ceremonies, festivals and poetry.

Does not suppport Support

(4)Culture is the way of life..

Does not support Support

The Indians brought their way of dressing to the Caribbean. Indians in the Caribbean still wear a turban or other headdress and some women wear saris. Another special contribution is rice growing, which they introduced to Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. Today rice is an important staple (food) in the Caribbean.

(5)The Indians brought their atttire to the Caribbean

does not support support

(6) The Indians brought oranges to the Caribbean.

support does not support

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